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Tradition in the city center: Christmas market in Bonn to take place this year

Tradition in the city center : Christmas market in Bonn to take place this year

Unlike last year, there is to be a Bonn Christmas market again this winter. In addition, this is to begin earlier and thus last longer than usual.

The Bonn Christmas market will last longer than usual this year. The Bonn district council has agreed with a broad majority to an administrative proposal to increase the event days in total. The market is to begin as early as Wednesday, November 17, and last until December 23.

After discussions with the showmen, the city had made the proposal and justified it with the corona-related cancellation of the market in 2020 and further sales losses of showmen and artisans during the pandemic. The district deputy Hanno von Raußendorf (Left Party) stressed that the additional days would be granted only once. A CDU motion that Mayor Katja Dörner should create the conditions for the market to take place did not catch on with a majority. Raußendorf and the district deputy Rolf Beu (Greens) said that this was a matter of course, provided that future developments of the pandemic did not speak against it.

At the same time, the committee adopted the market directory with dates for the rest of the year that have been postponed due to the pandemic. These include the Good Business Marketplace organized by the City and the Social Services Department on October 1 in the Market Square and the Special Adventure Camp, which has been moved to the Minster Square for September 7-9.

The vote to hold the East German Market Day on September 19 was unusual. CDU and Thomas Fahrenholtz voted in favor, the rest abstained. The alliance of the Greens, SPD, Left and Volt rejected the name for the festival of the Association of Expellees. The administration had stated that it saw no legal basis for prohibiting the event at the present time. (Original text: Philipp Königs / Translation: Mareike Graepel)