Relief measure for citizens Public transport companies ask for patience with the 9-euro ticket

Düsseldorf/Bonn · As part of extensive relief measures, the German government announced it would introduce a public transport ticket for a period of 90 days that will cost 9 euros per month. Local transport companies in NRW are asking customers to be patient with questions about the ticket. SWB and VRS said that it is too early to offer concrete information.

 A city tram from VRS.

A city tram from VRS.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Local transport companies are asking customers to be patient with questions about the 9-euro ticket. "The first customer inquiries about the 9-euro ticket have already reached the transportation companies and partners in the WestfalenTarif," a spokeswoman for the transportation association told dpa on Friday. She added: "Since we currently have no concrete information on the details of the ticket, we ask passengers for patience." She said the companies and their partners would inform passengers as soon as possible.

The government coalition has put together a relief package for citizens in response to the high energy and fuel prices. One of the relief measures is a ticket for 9 euros per month to be offered nationwide for 90 days on local public transport (ÖPNV). The federal government wants to provide the states with the funding for this.

The Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR) will support the coalition government's initiative for a 9-euro ticket.  It is looking at details of the requirements for the relief measure and wants to clarify how it will be implemented, said a VRR spokesman. The aim is to create a solution as quickly as possible, he said. As soon as the framework conditions are clarified and details of how the ticket is to be offered are in place, customers will be informed.

A spokesperson from Transportation Association Rhine-Sieg (VRS) said they had already received inquiries. "Unfortunately, right now we cannot yet make any reliable statements on the concrete implementation of the 9-euro ticket. The timing and details are completely unknown to us right now," he explained. The transport association is dependent on detailed information from the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As soon as this is available, they will coordinate with the state and the other associations on the concrete implementation of the 9-euro ticket.

A spokesman for the Aachen transport association expressed a similar view. "We will deal with the implementation as soon as possible," he explained. The announcement of the coalition government is viewed positively: "We welcome the initiative of the coalition to reduce the cost of public transport and thus strengthen it, especially in view of the desired mobility turnaround. We are pleased that we have been taken into account in the planned relief for citizens," he said. Other associations expressed similar sentiments.

(Orig. text: dpa / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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