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SEK deployment in Bonn: 46-year-old man threatens woman in Beuel

SEK deployment in Bonn : 46-year-old man threatens woman in Beuel and is overpowered by police

Police overpowered a man in Beuel who allegedly threatened his partner in an apartment. Earlier, a conversation with a witness in the apartment had escalated.

On Wednesday afternoon, the police overpowered a man who had threatened his partner in an apartment on Friedrich-Breuer-Strasse in Beuel. The arrival of the special forces took place around 5.40 pm. Previously, there had been indications that the 46-year-old was armed with knives.

Two hours earlier, a witness had alerted the police, who had previously been in the apartment on the third floor of an apartment building. When a conversation with the 46-year-old, who is known to the police in the field of narcotics crime, escalated and the 46-year-old showed outbursts of anger and aggressive behaviour, the witness fled the apartment.

The suspect remained in the apartment with his 49-year-old partner. Because the police assumed that the woman was in danger, they stormed the apartment and secured the man at the apartment door. He remained unharmed, as did his partner. Investigations into the incident are continuing.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel