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Drills at lofty heights: Special units climb to the top of Cologne’s cathedral

Drills at lofty heights : Special units climb to the top of Cologne’s cathedral

Special forces climbed to the top of the cathedral in Cologne on Wednesday morning - creating an opportunity for some spectacular pictures. The reason for this unusual climbing session: A competition amongst task forces.

Special units climbed to the top of the Cologne cathedral. Many tourists got a chance to watch several teams on their way up the famous towers. The spectacular event was part of a competition which runs through to Friday and is being organised by the police in Cologne.

In the so-called Coloniade, special forces units from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and customs teams compete with each other. The idea behind this competition is to share experiences, to improve tactics and to practise counter-terrorism missions in prominent places.

Climbing the cathedral was one of several locations for the competition, which takes place every two years in different places. Special forces from Bielefeld, Essen, Münster, München, Rhineland-Palatinate, Rotterdam and Zurich took part.

Original text: dpa

Translation: Mareike Graepel