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Waste disposal: Bonn is in for a recycling paper chaos

Waste disposal : Bonn is in for a recycling paper chaos

Due to the public holidays, the interval between the emptying of the waste paper bins is protracted. Some of the public containers in the city are already overflowing. It can therefore be difficult for Bonn residents to dispose of their paper waste.

Five and a half weeks can seem like an eternity. At least when you look at a full paper bin. And Michael Jacob from Rüngsdorf wonders a little why the waste management company Bonnorange allows such a long period of time to pass between emptying the bins, especially at Christmas time. "We drove through half of Godesberg with our paper waste, but all the containers were closed because they were overfilled," says Jacob, who took everything home again.

Indeed, chaotic conditions still prevailed at many locations in the borough on Monday evening, as a short research tour revealed. By Tuesday morning, the situation had at least eased somewhat, so that there were no more mountains of paper between the containers. However, many blue bins in the city area will remain empty until at least 4 January, as Bonnorange spokesman Jérôme Lefèvre said in response to a request. The same applies to the yellow bins.

The waste paper bin is emptied twelve times a year

Due to the public holidays, there may be longer intervals. "Based on the whole year, we have emptied the paper bin twelve times for every household that uses it," the spokesperson emphasised. Because of Corona and at Christmas time in particular, there is an Amazon effect due to increased online trade, i.e. a significantly increased volume of waste paper due to shipping boxes, he said.

"We normally use two crane vehicles to empty the waste paper containers in the city area. In addition, there is a bulky waste vehicle that collects the litter at the container locations," says Lefèvre. In order to remove the currently larger amount of paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging, a crane vehicle and a bulky waste vehicle are also on the road.

He asked that the cardboard boxes be shredded when they are thrown into the public paper containers so that the volume can be used optimally. It is also important, he said, that Bonn residents do not place waste paper next to overfilled facilities. "Even if we just use two vehicles for this wild waste alone, the waste paper collected with it is lost for recycling," the spokesperson said. Since it is exposed to the weather, it has to be burnt at the waste recycling plant, he said.

Private bins remain full until at least 4 January

There are 268 waste paper containers throughout Bonn, he said (www.bonnorange.de/standorte). "If you were at a site in the morning and it was overflowing, we had not yet processed it, but did so during the day," said the Bonnorange employee. The team will be on duty until New Year's Eve, then again from 4 January.

According to him, the regular collection of the free paper bins will also start again in the first week of January. "In this exceptional case, citizens can put their waste paper in bundles, cardboard boxes or paper bags in addition to the blue bin by 6.30 a.m. at the latest on the day of collection," the spokesperson announced. It is important to note that the maximum edge length of the cartons is one metre and the maximum permissible weight per carton/paper bag/bundle is 15 kilograms. "We take these extra quantities, but ask that they are not exposed to the weather so that the raw material is preserved for recycling," he appealed to Bonn residents.

(Original text: Silke Elbern; Translation: Mareike Graepel)