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Rental contract ends: Chinese school wants to move to Pennenfeld

Rental contract ends : Chinese school wants to move to Pennenfeld

Because of renovation work, the Chinese school has to move out of the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg. The school's association is in talks with the city and the Johannes-Rau-School.

At the end of last year, headmaster Kangle Lu was still worried about the continued existence of the Chinese School Bonn. It is currently housed in the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg in Bad Godesberg. However, the vocational college is to be renovated this year for better fire protection, and the Saturday school is looking for a new home. The school is a registered non-profit association. Teachers, school management and the board of directors work voluntarily.

Some controversial points still have to be clarified

After numerous cancellations there are now concrete discussions with the Johannes-Rau-School in the school centre Pennenfeld. "During our first visit to the Hauptschule we were warmly welcomed by the headmaster Christoph Daas", Lu reports. Afterwards, the board of directors of the association that runs the Chinese school met again with representatives of the municipal building management (SGB) to discuss the remaining controversial points. Among other things, they also discussed the question of whether the association must pay rent for its teaching events. So far, this has been more of a symbolic amount. The SGB refers to its company statutes, in which the economic optimisation of the real estate portfolio is laid down.

"All associations, including voluntary school associations, which use urban spaces must pay rents at a level that is customary in the market," says a statement by the city of Bonn. The exact amount of the rent is currently still being negotiated. Both parties had agreed that the school events of the Chinese school could take place in the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg until the beginning of the renovation work, probably in summer 2020. The headmaster is optimistic that a rental agreement could be signed within the next two to three weeks. "We are very attached to the city of Bonn and want to reach a solution together," says Lu. The headmaster of the Johannes Rau School did not want to comment on the ongoing proceedings at this time.

(Original text: Christine Siefer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)