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Runaway train incident between Siegburg and Bonn: Driver of line 66 was allegedly drugged

Runaway train incident between Siegburg and Bonn : Driver of line 66 was allegedly drugged

After the runaway train incident of line 66 shortly before Christmas, more and more details are surfacing. According to the General-Anzeiger, the driver who fainted at the wheel of the train is said to have been under the influence of drugs.

The driver of line 66, who collapsed unconscious shortly before Christmas, is said to have used drugs. The GA learned that a first blood test had been positive. The 47-year-old, who also suffers from epilepsy, is said to have taken ecstasy. The police did not give any details when contacted for information. Police spokesperson Robert Scholten said that the forensic medical report on the blood test was still pending.

On its way from Siegburg to Bonn, the train of line 66 had passed eight stations without a conscious driver before passengers broke open the door to the driver's cabin and stopped the train at the stop Adelheidisstraße. Some time ago it was already discovered that the driver had concealed from the Bonn public utility company (SWB) that he suffered from epilepsy. He is no longer used by the SWB.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: Mareike Graepel)