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Middle Ages Christmas market: Medieval Market in Siegburg open longer this year

Middle Ages Christmas market : Medieval Market in Siegburg open longer this year

At the end of November, the market square in Siegburg will once again be transformed into a Medieval Market. Attracting many visitors even from outside of the region, it will be open longer this year.

Last year, the people of Siegburg had to do without the symbolic face of their medieval market due to illness. Büttel Mollinarius was sick last year but he will be there this time around when the Middle Ages comes to Siegburg on Saturday, November 24. The 27th Medieval Market will remain open until Sunday, December 23 this year, which is longer than in previous years. Also extended this year are the working hours for the craftsmen, merchants, musicians and jugglers who will be there one hour longer every day.

The whole atmosphere will once again offer an authentic view of the Middle Ages. "We attach great importance to this," emphasizes Daniel Dieckmann from the event organizer Medieval Marketing. That's why only torches and candles bring light to the darkness, and the costumes are just as much in keeping with the times as the language, food and goods on offer. For years, the attention to detail has also inspired the City of Siegburg, for whom the pre-Christmas journey through time into the Middle Ages is - and should remain - a permanent fixture. "We will seal this again with a handshake on the first day of the market," assures Mayor Franz Huhn. "For years, the market has been attracting people far beyond the region to come to Siegburg, which is good for the entire city, including the retail trade and gastronomy," he says.

More visitors than expected

The attempt to expand the market towards the railway station last year was not successful. The Oriental Market, which was offered for the first time, did not resonate with visitors. "The visitors simply walked through", reports the juggler Lupus. Because of that, the city and the organizers have decided against the additional venue for this year. "We have integrated a few stands from the Oriental Market into the larger market," says Daniel Dieckmann, who is convinced that the 27th Medieval Market will attract even more visitors to the city. "Last year it was wet and cold," recalls Franz Huhn. Still, the mood was good and more visitors came than expected, even if they didn’t stay for long.

The mayor is pleased that the weather forecasts have been good so far. Sharing this sentiment are the craftsmen and craftswomen, the merchants who offer their wares for sale, and the musicians and jugglers who provide entertainment for the visitors. Once again, there will also be a special program for kindergarten groups and school classes.

Opening times:

  • The Siegburg market square will be transformed into a Medieval Christmas Market from Saturday, November 24 until Sunday, December 23. It is open Sundays through Thursdays from 11am until 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 10pm.
  • On November 25, Sunday of the Dead, it is open from 6pm to 9pm. On December 23, the market closes at 8pm.

For more information, please see the website.

(Orig. text: Nadine Quadt; Translation: ck)