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Man in Bornheim hit by IC: Men wanted to film the recovery of the body in Sechtem

Man in Bornheim hit by IC : Men wanted to film the recovery of the body in Sechtem

After the death of a 23-year-old man who was hit by an InterCity train (IC) on Saturday on track 1 at Bornheim-Sechtem station, the federal police confirmed that it was an accident. Three onlookers wanted to film the recovery of the body.

According to Martina Dressler, spokesperson for the Federal Police in Cologne, the fatal incident at the Sechtem train station on Friday night was not suicide, but a tragic accident. A 23-year-old man had been killed by a passing IC.

The Federal Police confirmed the General-Anzeiger information in that regard. According to Dressler, three young men, among them the dead man, had tried to get from track 2 to track 1 at the station. The trio had wanted to shorten their route, Dressler continued, and had simply walked over the tracks. Since a freight train had just passed the station on track 2, the three young men had apparently not noticed the IC approaching simultaneously on track 1. It also did not stop at Sechtem station.

While, according to the Federal Police, two of the men had managed to pass the tracks in time, the 23-year-old was caught and killed by the IC. "The train passed through the station at about 150 kilometers per hour. The young man stood no chance,“ explained Dressler. The fire and rescue service, which had been alerted shortly after midnight, came to a horrible sight at the station. "That was truly terrible," an experienced firefighter from the Bornheim fire brigade said, moved, the following day. He had also send away three other young men from the station. Onlookers who obviously wanted to film the recovery of the body with their mobile phones.

With three fire-fighting groups the Bornheim fire brigade had worked over night from Friday to Saturday at the scene at the station in Sechtem. According to fire brigade spokesperson Ulrich Breuer, they had been alerted shortly after midnight.

The affected train and passengers had to stop at Sechtem station for over an hour. The track had to be closed for about an hour and a half.

Original text: Axel Vogel

Translation: Mareike Graepel