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Leaking ceiling: Water damage after rain at Bonn central underground station

Leaking ceiling : Water damage after rain at Bonn central underground station

Last weekend the rained leaked through the ceiling at Bonn underground station. Buckets had to be set up to collect the water. Near the site of this leak, the new shopping arcade was also partially flooded in August.

Last weekend the rain leaked through the ceiling of Bonn main underground station. At the central station, the rain affected the exit on the underground level of the new shopping arcade, which leads down to the city railways in the direction of Bad Godesberg. Buckets had to placed to catch the heavy rain that made its way through the ceiling.

Bastian Julius from the Düsseldorf developers who are erecting new buildings under the name Urban Soul above the former so-called “Bonn hole” was asked about the reasons for the leak. Julius said: “Because the upper part of the ceiling is being reinforced, water seems to have entered at a joint due to heavy rainfall at the weekend.”

On Monday the damage had been sealed and the leak had been plugged. Not far from this current leak, the new shopping arcade in the basement of the Maximilian Center was flooded shortly after its opening in August of this year. As it turned out, too much water had leaked during sandblasting work on the construction site. There had been a similar leak a few months earlier, and both were repaired promptly.

(Original text; Philipp Königs, translation John Chandler)