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Current dates for the KunstRasen Bonn: Sting postpones his concert in Bonn for the third time

Current dates for the KunstRasen Bonn : Sting postpones his concert in Bonn for the third time

It is the fourth attempt for his concert in Bonn and the third postponement: Sting will only come to the federal city in 2022. Here are all current dates for the open airs in 2021 and 2022.

Sting, the fourth! The former Police frontman has to postpone his Bonn guest performance again. "Due to the ban on large-scale events, the concert unfortunately has to be moved another time, and the new date will now be Sunday, July 10, 2022," announced organizer Ernst-Ludwig Hartz.

For the Sting concert, it will be the fourth attempt, after the Briton had to cancel his appearance at Kunst!Rasen in the summer of 2019 due to illness. But the fans of the singer of hits like "Englishman In New York" or "Every Breath You Take" are loyal. Tickets for the concert, which was already sold out in record time two years ago, had hardly declined. On his website, Sting asks his fans to keep their tickets, which still remain valid.

Here are the dates for the summer of 2022 according to the current status:

June 21, 2022 My Chemical Romance (instead of June 07, 2021)
June 22, 2022 My Chemical Romance (instead of July 07, 2021)June 29, 2022  Wincent Weiss (instead of June 28, 2021)
June 30, 2022  Lionel Richie (instead of June 30, 2021)
July 10, 2022 Sting (instead of July 11, 2021)
July 14, 2022 Toto (instead of July 14, 2021)
August 09, 2022 Nena (instead of August 15, 2021)
August 13, 2022 Roland Kaiser + Band (instead of 14.08.22).

 July/August 2022 dates for Deep Purple, Melissa Etheridge, Sarah Connor and The BossHoss are to be announced soon, said Hartz, who is optimistic about summer 2021. 

Still scheduled are the following performances:

August 05, 2021 Element of Crime
August 08, 2021 Pietro Lombardi + Mike Singer
August 11, 2021 Alvaro Soler
August 17, 2021 Helge Schneider
August 21, 2021 LEA
August 23, 2021 Thees Uhlmann + Band - New
August 25, 2021 Jan Delay & Disko No 1

 (Original text: Dylan Cem Akalin; Translation: Mareike Graepel)