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Approximately 1.1 million visitors: Pützchen's market came to an end beautifully

Approximately 1.1 million visitors : Pützchen's market came to an end beautifully

The 652nd edition of Pützchens Markt ended on Tuesday with a big fireworks display. Thousands of visitors watched the spectacle.

After the fair is as before the fair: In the late Tuesday evening after the fireworks he flashing lights on Pützchens market alsoextinguished. Directly after midnight the first carnies start to dismantle their rides. According to the city of Bonn, around 1.1 million visitors came to the market meadows on the five fair days.

Despite the rainy weekend, store manager Harald Borchert was very satisfied: "Showmen and guests got their money's worth. It was a cheerful and largely peaceful fair." Police spokesman Robert Scholten was satisfied with the concept of the Bonn police: "Even on the last day it remained quite quiet. We managed without a red card." Through strong personnel presence one could provide very quickly for fast de-escalation.32 people were checked.

The city has already received several applications for the 653rd Pützchens Markt next year (11 to 15 September). The application deadline is 30 September. "We are making every effort to be able to offer a fair with many attractions in Beethoven's anniversary year as well," Borchert promises. In 2020, the speakers' conference of all German market leaders will take place in Bonn parallel to Pützchen's Markt. The talks will also focus on the topic of "Saving energy at fairs".

(Original text: Holger Willcke Translation: Mareike Graepel)