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Police ask for help from the public: Trick thieves steal from man in Bad Godesberg

Police ask for help from the public : Trick thieves steal from man in Bad Godesberg

On Saturday, two trick thieves stole from a man near the Bad Godesberg train station. Police are now asking the public’s help in finding information that will lead to the culprits.

Early Saturday evening at around 6:20 p.m., two young men stole a cell phone from a 58-year-old man in Bad Godesberg. The 58-year-old and the two young men, whom he did not know, got off line 63 at the Godesberg train station and walked in the direction of Dürerstraße. According to the police, the two young men followed the 58-year-old.

One of the young men put his arms around the victim from behind, wished him a nice evening and then let go of him again. Afterwards, the 58-year-old realized that his cell phone was missing and filed a report at the Bad Godesberg police station.

According to the police report, the alleged thieves were described by the 58-year-old as around 1.70 meters tall. One of the two men had an undercut haircut, while the other had slightly longer hair and wore a black denim jacket. Both men spoke Arabic, but the man in the denim jacket also spoke German.

Since the search has been unsuccessful until now, the police are asking possible witnesses to call 0228-150.

Orig. text: Tamara Wegbahn

Translation: ck