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Wetter in Bonn: Rekordverdächtige Hitze und tropische Nächte

New heatwave in Bonn and the region : Heat and tropical nights expected

While the temperatures cool down a bit on Thursday and Friday, extreme heat is looming again on the weekend. Weather services expect up to 36 degrees in Bonn on Sunday.

The heat wave continues to bring hardly any cooling in North Rhine-Westphalia. A meteorologist of the German Weather Service (DWD) said in Offenbach on Thursday that the coming days will remain hot and summery. A bit cooler air from the northwest will keep temperatures just under 30 degrees on Thursday and Friday. "On the weekend, however, the temperatures rise again." On Sunday values of just over 36 degrees are possible, according to the meteorologist.

On Friday there will be some clouds in the morning, then the sun will prevail, according to the DWD. The temperatures rise up to 25 degrees in East Westphalia and 29 degrees in the Rhineland. Also on Saturday it remains sunny and dry with up to 35 degrees in NRW. Until 2018 Bonn did not reach a new heat record of 39.1 degrees. It was the second highest temperature ever measured in Bonn since 1895, the beginning of weather records.

In large parts of the region, the risk of forest fires rises to the third level. On Wednesday, the fire brigade in the region were called out several times because forest floor had caught fire.

Hot days and tropical nights in the Rhineland

Still, a little cooling won't hurt. Statistically speaking, it is coolest in midsummer in the morning at 4am. However, temperatures are unlikely to fall below the 20 degree mark in the next few days. Meteorologists speak of "tropical" nights in this case. Basically then only the flight to the countryside remains. While in peripheral areas such as Röttgen, Ückesdorf or the south of Ippendorf cold air from the slopes and from the side valleys of the Kottenforst refreshes the heated districts, the heat accumulates in Neu-Tannenbusch, Duisdorf, Beuel, Bad Godesberg and in the city centre like in an embers oven.

This so-called "heat island effect" sometimes results in temperature differences of 5 to 10 degrees in Bonn and the region, explains Habel. Alone in the Hofgarten it will probably foe elt 3 to 4 degrees cooler on Tuesday evening than on the cathedral place.

What to do with heat?

Several hot days and tropical nights line up together, the load for the human body is extreme - above all small children, older humans and persons impaired by health are endangered. "Anyone who can should get out of the city," Habel recommends. In the Siebengebirge, Kottenforst or on the banks of the Rhine, the heat is much more bearable.

The city of Bonn recommends limiting outdoor activities to the morning and evening hours and avoiding physical exertion - including sports. Those who can should also stay in the shade or coolest rooms possible, make sure they drink enough fluids and avoid alcoholic and very cold drinks. If possible, rooms should be darkened with roller shutters and curtains during the day.

Original text: Sebastian Meltz, Anja Wollschlaeger, Translation: Mareike Graepel