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Fatal bike accident in Sankt Augustin: Woman hit by truck

Fatal bike accident in Sankt Augustin : Woman hit by truck

A bicyclist was killed Wednesday when she was hit by a truck and apparently dragged along for some meters. Police are looking for witnesses.

Südstraße in Sankt Augustin was the scene of a fatal accident on Thursday afternoon. An emergency call was received at around 4 p.m. A 51-year-old truck driver hit a middle aged woman on her bike and apparently dragged her along for some meters. She died at the scene as a result of her injuries.

Police spokesperson Burkhard Rick said that the circumstances were not totally clear and that witness accounts were not enough to explain exactly what had happened. He couldn’t say with certainty from which direction the biker was coming, nor the truck. The truck was apparently en route to exchange building containers.

At the deadline of this newspaper on Wednesday evening, the woman had not yet been identified, and her injuries made it impossible to more closely determine her age. First responders and witnesses were receiving pastoral support.

Rick said, “We must do everything we can to determine the cause of this accident, and we can’t rule out that more were involved in the accident.” He said the accident possibly involved involuntary manslaughter.

Police are asking for any witnesses to contact them at (02241) 5 41 33 21. The accident scene was on Südstraße at an entrance to Nachbarschaftshilfestraße. It’s near the busy intersection of Bonner Straße/Südstraße and Wehrfeldstraße.

(Original text: Martina Welt)