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Prosecution closes case: Case closed regarding possible assaults during University of Bonn trip

Prosecution closes case : Case closed regarding possible assaults during University of Bonn trip

The accusations were massive: according to an anonymous participant, drunken female students were allegedly sexually abused during a student trip of the University of Bonn. Now the proceedings against unknown persons have been dropped.

In October last year, the University of Bonn received an anonymous letter - with serious accusations against male participants of a first semester trip of the University of Bonn to Bergneustadt in the Oberbergischer district. According to the letter, there was allegedly forced drinking to excess and sexual assaults on heavily drunk female students during the trip. In response to this letter, the Cologne public prosecutor's office started investigations against unknown persons and searched for possible witnesses.

The proceedings have now been dropped: According to the official statement of the public prosecutor's office, "neither injured persons nor suspects could be established in the case”.

Andreas Archut, spokesman for the University of Bonn, said in response to a query from the GA that the University of Bonn was "grateful to the Cologne public prosecutor's office for its thorough investigation of the anonymous allegations". "Even if the initial suspicions have not been substantiated, the fight against sexual violence and discrimination remains an issue for us at the university", Archut continued.

In this context, the University of Bonn also referred to the "Guidelines for Dealing with Sexual Harassment at the University of Bonn", which had already been adopted in 2011.

The first point of contact for those seeking help at the university is the Office of the Equal Opportunities Officer. However, the Rectorate, Dean's Offices, the Personnel Department, the Legal Office, the Staff Councils, the Staff and Conflict Counseling Service, the Company Medical Service and the AStA can also be contacted if help is needed.

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Bonn provides online information about offers of help.

The university has also put together a list of further advisory services.

(Orig. text: Dierk Himstedt / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)