Concert at Poppelsdorf Palace in Bonn More than 4000 torches light up for a good cause

Bonn · For the twelfth time, the Bunte Kreis Rheinland Association organised a torch lit concert at the Poppelsdorf Palace for visitors from zero to 99 years old.

 Über 4000 Kinder und Erwachsene hatten sich zum Taschenlampenkonzert auf der Wiese vor dem Poppelsdorfer Schloss versammelt.

Über 4000 Kinder und Erwachsene hatten sich zum Taschenlampenkonzert auf der Wiese vor dem Poppelsdorfer Schloss versammelt.

Foto: Verena Düren

From 6pm, families were already streaming onto the lawns in front of the castle, where a tombola, wheel of fortune and drinks and fries stalls made up a wide range of things on offer. WDR presenter Inka Bause led the evening and announced the first highlight shortly before 8pm – the traditional air balloon flight. From then on, the Berlin band Rumpelstil, which has specialised in torch lit concerts, took over with rock and pop songs for the whole family to sing along to.

The torch lit concert was the prelude to the Bunte Kreis’ Family Day, which followed on Sunday. This had the slogan: “Children have rights.” This is a central issue for the association, which cares for seriously or chronically ill children and their relatives. This year, the UN children’s rights will be 30 years old, which is why the Bunte Kreis wants to draw special attention to them. “Our demand is that the children’s rights are incorporated into the Basic Law in the hope that they are then more anchored in the consciousness of people and politicians,” says Yvonne Lange, press spokesperson for the Bunte Kreis Rheinland.

To this end, the association has been considering a special photo campaign for this year, which was presented at the Family Day in Bonn. With the help of photographer Julia Berlin form Koblenz, banners have been created that show the most important children’s rights in a simple but vivid way. To spread the word about the campaign, these will also be shown at concerts in Cologne and Koblenz. They have also enlisted celebrities, who have each sponsored one of the children’s rights and will now campaign for them as ambassadors.

And the work continues: for the coming year, a family camp is planned for the first time. Sponsors are still being sought, as the association works exclusively through donations and the proceeds from events such as the torch lit concerts. A circus project is also new - you could get a first impression at the Family Day, where the Don Mehloni Circus School was also represented.

Original text: Verena Düren. Translation: kc

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