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Fire department called out: Roofs catch fire after lightning strikes in Bonn

Fire department called out : Roofs catch fire after lightning strikes in Bonn

Thunderstorms swept through Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg area on Thursday evening. The heavy rains were accompanied by lightning strikes, with a few buildings taking direct hits.

Thunderstorms swept through Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg region on Thursday evening, resulting in two residential buildings taking lightning hits and their roofs catching fire. In addition, several basements in Bonn became filled with water during the heavy rains. No one was injured, according to the fire department in Bonn. A spokesperson described the situation as "calm" despite the two fires. Meteorologists assume that dry weather and heavy rains will alternate for some time to come.

In the north of Bonn, a multi-family house on Riegelerstraße was hit by lightning. The roof truss ignited immediately, so the fire department arrived on the scene with respiratory protection gear and extension ladders. A woman who was in the attic apartment at the time of impact was able to get to safety in time and leave the house without help. Since the attic apartment was the only part of the building that was inhabited, no other persons were in danger. The firefighters had to partially cover the roof; it took them three hours to put out the fire completely.

Firefighters in Lannesdorf found a similar situation. There, after a lightning strike, the roof truss of a multiple-family dwelling on Honnefer Straße caught fire. No one had been living in the attic, directly under the roof. The rising smoke was visible far beyond the town. With several units from the Bonn Fire Department and volunteer firefighters from the area, the fire was quickly brought under control. A total of ten respiratory protection teams were in action. A spokesperson for the local fire department said there were no more people in the house when they arrived. About 50 residents had to leave their apartments. It took firefighters until late in the evening to extinguish the fire. The apartments directly under the floor that took fire remain uninhabitable for the time being, according to the fire department.

In the Rhein-Sieg district there was also storm damage. In Hennef, lightning hit a tree, splitting it down the middle. In Niederkassel, lightning hit a house but did not cause a fire. Volunteer fire departments had to clear away several fallen trees that blocked the streets.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Knauth, Nicolas Ottersbach; Translation: ck)