Shipping collision at Niederdollendorf Tanker runs aground in Rhine after crash

Niederdollendorf · On Monday night the tanker “Piz Palü” from the Netherlands ran aground at Rhine kilometre 647.5 at Niederdollendorf after colliding with an integrated tug barge

According to Duisburg police, the tanker collided with the integrated tug barge at around 1.30am on Tuesday. The tug barge incurred a three metre by three metre dent in the bow area on the port side (left). The tanker had a three metre long crack in the middle of the port side above the water line.

There was no cargo spillage as the tanker was empty and has a double hull. The tug barge carried on its journey. The tanker ran onto a breakwater on the right bank of the river after the collision and has been stuck there ever since. This was confirmed to the General Anzeiger by the control room of the river police in Duisberg.

The police also said an expert assessor and a representative of the ship’s insurance company would now determine whether the ship could continue its journey.

A further ship is expected to tow the tanker free during the course of Tuesday.

Original text: ga. Translated by Kate Carey.

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