Police search for culprits Unknown attackers rob supermarket in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg · In Lannesdorf on Wednesday evening two unknown persons raided a supermarket, threatened a female employee and stole money. As they are still fugitives, the police have now asked for assistance.

 On the street "Kirchberg" in Bonn-Lannesdorf two unknown persons raided a supermarket.

On the street "Kirchberg" in Bonn-Lannesdorf two unknown persons raided a supermarket.

Foto: Axel Vogel

Two perpetrators raided a supermarket on Wednesday evening on the street "Kirchberg" in Lannesdorf and fled. The police are searching for the unknown persons and are asking for assistance.

Around 19.40 hours the two masked persons are said to have entered the shop. According to the police report, they then threatened an employee with a handgun and demanded cash. The employee is said to have opened the cash box and the perpetrators fled with their loot in an unknown direction.

The amount of money the masked persons took with them has not yet been conclusively determined. The threatened employee remained physically unharmed.

The police investigations to date have not yet led to any arrests. They are now asking witnesses to report to the police on 0228-150 and are issuing a call for a search warrant.

According to the police report, the first suspected offender is between 175 and 180 cm tall, wearing a dark balaclava and dark gloves, which were probably made of fabric. He is said to have spoken with a foreign accent and carried a black pistol.

The second alleged offender is said to have been between 170 and 175 cm tall, wearing a light-coloured face mask, probably a dark cap with white writing or emblem, and light-coloured shoes.

This was already the second robbery at this supermarket, as Patrick Ciachera of Edeka Mohr explained when asked. In the first robbery, the perpetrators did not get any loot: On 20 November 2017, two men raided the supermarket shortly before closing time. They demanded the surrender of cash with a firearm. Since the employees did not comply with the demand at that time and other employees became aware of the situation, the suspects fled without spoils, as the police reported three years ago.

The employee concerned had "survived the latest robbery on Wednesday evening in good shape". On Thursday she was off duty and on Friday she stated she would like to return to work. "We never leave our employees alone in such cases. I have been in close contact with her since yesterday evening," says Ciachera.

(Original text: Britta Röös and Maximilian Mühlens / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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