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Bonn police investigation is successful: 140 stolen bicycles retrieved from Poland

Bonn police investigation is successful : 140 stolen bicycles retrieved from Poland

Police found 140 stolen bicycles from Bonn and the region in Poland. A truck containing the stolen goods has now arrived in Beuel and investigators are using photos on the Internet to search for the owners.

A truck carrying 140 bicycles stolen in Bonn and the region arrived in Beuel on Thursday, where according to the police, they are being stored by a company.

Police investigator Ulli Golla is sorting the bicycles, which were seized during a search in the Polish town of Kamienna Góra. This was preceded by a large-scale raid in Bonn on 28 August, during which 40 bicycles were seized.

These bikes can be seen on photos on the internet at bonn.polizei.nrw/artikel/aufgefundene-fahrraeder. The bicycles from Poland will be photographed after the police have inspected them closely and these pictures will also be posted on the homepage and should help to find the owners.

(Original text: Richard Bongartz, translation John Chandler)