“Don’t Try This at Home” New Netflix series takes place in Cologne

Cologne · In 2019, there will be another German Netflix production, this one called "Don't Try This At Home". The series takes place in Cologne. A student establishes Europe's largest online drug trade in the city known for its old cathedral.

In six half-hour episodes, the German Netflix production "Don't Try This At Home" tells the story of a student who, together with his best friend, creates Europe's largest online drug trade in his teenage bedroom - to win back his great love.

The series is loosely based on the story of Maximilian S. from Leipzig, who was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 2015. At the time, the 23-year-old had sold almost a ton of drugs via his internet platform "Shiny Flakes" from his bedroom.

The Cologne production company bildundtonfabrik located the Netflix adaptation in Cologne without hesitating. An exact start date has not yet been set.

In view of increasing competition, the US streaming group wants to strengthen its position on the European market. For German-speaking areas alone, Netflix is aiming to produce five new series in the coming year.

In addition to "Don't Try This At Home", Netflix says there will be the series "Tribes of Europe" about a mysterious global catastrophe in a post-apocalyptic future,where the struggle for dominance on the continent will be fought. "The Barbarians" is about the battle between the Roman army and Germanic tribes.

In "Skylines", a Frankfurt hip-hop producer plays off the criminal underworld and police against each other. In a Christmas mini-series not yet titled, four generations of women meet for the holidays and have to bare their secrets.

Netflix has already published or produced three German series: "Dark" is going into its second season, "Dogs of Berlin" will start soon, and "Die Welle" is currently in the works.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz (with material from dpa) / Translation: ck)

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