Commitment to a good cause Bonn Integration Award for Serge Mpouma and Malika Imzouaren

Bonn · Serge Mpouma and Malika Imzouaren are the recipients of the Bonn Integration Award 2023, which is awarded by the Integration Council in recognition of the commitment of citizens, associations, initiatives and organisations to integration in Bonn. The prize is endowed with 1800 Euro.

 Serge Mpouma is the winner of the Bonn Integration Award 2023.

Serge Mpouma is the winner of the Bonn Integration Award 2023.

Foto: Sofia Grillo

Mpouma came to Bonn from Cameroon more than 50 years ago. "He is committed to a good coexistence in Geislar and has been shaping community and club life in the entire town for many years," says the jury's statement. He has been chairman of the Geislar citizens' association for 14 years, in which he has been active for more than 30 years and has initiated many social and community projects and events for all age groups.

Malika Imzouaren is a social worker in the youth forum of the Protestant Lukasgemeinde in Auerberg. In addition, she has been involved in voluntary work in the district since her school days. In her free time, she supports, accompanies and motivates children and young people. "As a role model, she is an important role model for the children and young people from immigrant or refugee families," said the jury.

Binnaz Öztoprak, chairwoman of the Integration Council, says of the two award winners: "Their commitment shows on the one hand the special importance of voluntary work in integration in the district and on the other hand underlines their indispensable role for cohesion in our immigration society."

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Mareike Graepel

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